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The Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup


We have always said that big and bold statement pieces like a turban (or necklace) give the final touch to a 1920s themed look. However, makeup is another necessary component we have to carefully pull off. Have you ever made a mistake when applying cosmetics? We have! It’s not easy to do it like a pro, and it’s so unfair when beauty gurus can do it so effortlessly! *Take a deep breath, and say ‘practice makes perfect‘*

Since we’re not experts (wish we were!), we are very proud to present our favorite 1920s makeup tutorials curated from the beauty YouTubers.

We believe in #girlpower, and we believe in individual creativity! We’ve come across a wide variety of YouTubers who have uploaded their Great Gatsby inspired videos, and seriously, we are in love!  Here are our favorites….

1.) Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl by Michelle Phan



What we love the most in this video is how she creates heart-shaped lips by applying concealer.  How to pull off that gorgeous vintage inspired lipstick color? Add a dark plum shade and blend with red lips underneath.

2. ) Flapper Makeup Full Look- Beauty Pop! with Camila Coelho

maxresdefault (1)


Concise and step by step, we think her video is very easy to follow!

3.) 1920s Makeup Tutorial by Jordan Liberty

maxresdefault (2)


4.) 1920s makeup & hair tutorial

maxresdefault (4)


4. ) Vintage Inspired Great Gatsby Makeup



Have you ever tried a Great Gatsby makeup look before?  We’d love to hear your tips!




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