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How to Get the Bridal Look


When getting married, isn’t having a romantic-fantasy ceremony and being the most beautiful woman of the day the #goal for us? This is truly the moment of a lifetime! However, finding the right wedding gown isn’t that easy because dresses are so varied. It’s difficult to find the perfect choice!  We are dedicating this post to anyone who is looking for a luxury ‘vintage bridal look‘ either for the real event or a fancy white party. Here are the two ‘bridal looks’ sent straight from The Deco Haus studio.

1.) Look 1- White 


Are you a fan of beaded fringe details? If so, you may want to try The Roxy- Crystalline. This iconic Art Deco gown is an exclusive design by The Deco Haus in-house. It’s constructed with superb quality materials, including multi layers on the skirt. Simply mix and match with a pure white high-heel and sparkling earrings. The perfect bridal look!

2.) Look 2- Pink 


For those who love it sweet and romantic, why not choose The Nouvelle- Rose Blush? Bring out the feminine in you by accessorizing with the Rococo headband and a dazzling tiny clutch.  Hair up or down, it doesn’t matter because this shimmering dress will truly be the most outstanding in the crowd.

Which look is your favorite?

Shop The Bridal Collection 



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