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Slumber Party In Style

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When we were young, we threw slumber parties with our girls a lot! Why? Maybe one of the reasons is that we could go wild!  By that, we mean non-stop talking, eating junk food (ice-cream!), trying on makeup, etc. Don’t you just LOVE it when you can gather with your best friends for a night and have nothing but fun with your own #squad? When dressing for your next “big girl” slumber party, if you don’t want to wear the same old pj’s ….why not show off a sexy slip instead!?


The Deco Haus slip collection is made especially for anyone who is looking for vintage, 1920s inspired lingerie. We are women, so we know exactly what we want! The high-quality pieces available at The Deco Haus are not only constructed with luxurious fabric, but are perfect for an evening look as well.


Available in many colors and styles, we can truly say that our collection is made with passion. Inspired by the glam and the glamour of Hollywood, our variety of slips can match many different styles. Love a soft cream palette? The 1920’s Silk Charleston Slip-French Creme could be the right selection for the night!  Made of 100% silk crepe, this classic design also features hand-rolled shoulder straps, as well as hand-cut European lace. Sweet and elegant…we highly recommend!


The vintage slip dress  can be worn to prom also!  As proven by Charlie XCX, she totally nails the 90’s prom look with a silky lingerie dress and accessories such as a statement shoulder wrap. Love love love love her!


Shop our collection here

Which slip dress would you wear for a slumber party!?


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