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Go Green, or Go Home


Though Rose Quartz, and Serenity are the trendy pantone of 2016, we still obsess with the power of mother nature’s own color, green. Yes ‘go green or go home’ – that fresh and leafy sensation always pleases us! Here, The Deco Haus has prepared you with a lot of green inspired choices for Spring and Summer16!

Green is definitely the ultimate tone for our in-house design team right now. What does this color symbolize? It is the symbol of health, relaxation, growth, calmness, life, and fertility. Some may view this color as the representation of nature only, however, there are many designers who have introduced grassy tones to the fashion industry (including our 1920s dress Silver Screen- Emerald Green).


Don’t forget who brought this trend to the stage! Yes, our bad gal RIRI brought emerald green alive again at the 2015 iHeartRadio concert. Green fur, green necklace, green high-knee boots, green sunglasses, let’s just say green errthang! Kudos to her stylist – Rihanna looks absolutely fabulous with the two contrasting colors; black and green. Look at that makeup! ON FLEEK!!


PureWow Sludge Report                               The Deco Haus- Opera Glove

In fact, green gloves can be the must-have item for this Winter too! Going through harsh weather right now is not an ideal closet dream. We discovered many fashion gloves on Pinterest, but this look is so far our favorite. Going to a party? Don’t worry, The Deco Haus offers gloves for all vintage lovers. Made with satin, these gloves are stretchy, and incredibly soft!


Available in many designs, these beautiful green dresses are available in our shop. From The Bijou- Tourmaline Jet to The Nouvelle- Pistachio Green, they are ready to be mixed and matched for any occasion.

How about you? Do you like wearing green?



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