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From a 1920s Makeup Look, To Trendy Dark Lipstick


If you remember our Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Look post, you may want to continue updating your Gatsby look with this article. Why? Because we are proud to present black lipstick, which is really on trend nowadays. It’s being seen more and more, not only on fashion runways, but also on the street.

Forget about the Gothic look or strict rules of lipstick application, because the lipstick world has changed. The idea of a black or dark lip shade is not restricted to vampire makeup anymore. We’ve seen many makeup gurus on Instagram nailing a sophisticated black look!


Photo Courtesy here

Obviously, dark shades have not been popular in the past because people assume that it looks too dramatic for everyday wear. However, many well-known cosmetic brands such as MAC, Makeup Forever, or even Makeup Store have made dark lipsticks more accessible than ever! For example –  Lime Crime lipsticks, and Jefree Star Cosmetics – both are super popular among Instagrammers.

Here are some of our favorite looks with real people who pull off dark shades like a diva!


Photo Courtesy here


Photo Courtesy here

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Photo Courtesy here


Photo Courtesy here


Never forget King Kylie!

Do you like dark or black lipstick? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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