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The Kimono Jacket Trend


The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that has been worn for centuries. It is a signature of Japanese culture, though it has been adapted to street fashion nowadays. Not only in Tokyo, but worldwide! Many designers and online fashion retailers have applied and elevated the kimono to become more practical for women, not only in Japanese society, but many other cultures as well. We’ve seen it everywhere! From the runways of top designers, to the street style inspo by Instagram influencers, the kimono trend is literally EVERYWHERE. Now that we are officially in Spring/Summer, it’s time to seriously renovate our wardrobes. Yes, let’s use the word ‘renovate’! Say goodbye to the same old boring sweater, and hello to the kimono jacket.

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Photo Courtesy here

How to mix and match the kimono? Easy! It depends on what you want the style to look like. In California, chic ankle boots or platforms are very popular among the ‘it-girl(s)’. Speaking in general, they are the must-have pieces for every season. Winter, summer, autumn…you can’t go wrong with ankle boots.

Apart from pairing the kimono jacket with boots, lace-up heels are also an interesting choice…lace-up (or gladiator sandals) are our all time favorite shoes for summer. Are you a fan of Coachella? We are! It is one of the festivals, where we can check out the styles of many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid (team #Kengi), Vanessa Hudgens, and so many more.

Are you looking for the right kimono for this summer? Don’t forget to check us out! At The Deco Haus, we provide a wide variety of vintage dresses, Gatsby inspired outfits, and even beautiful kimono jackets just for you. Made of high-quality velvet devore on a sheer 100% rayon background, our Japanese Vintage Floral Burnout Kimono (above left) is  a truly versatile piece.  Same with our Art Deco Black and White Kimono (above right)…a wardrobe staple for resort/summer!

Here are some other chic kimono looks from the internet…..


Photo Courtesy here

5ea67dec0140d3a2b1fa78a08cf5dc35 copy

Photo Courtesy here

5ea67dec0140d3a2b1fa78a08cf5dc35 copy

Photo Courtesy here

5ea67dec0140d3a2b1fa78a08cf5dc35 copy

Photo Courtesy here

Do you like kimono fashion?



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