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Why Velvet Fashion Matters?


It’s glam, it’s rock, it’s unique…..we can’t really find the right words to describe why velvet fashion is so on point.  In looking at the above photo of Cara Delevingne, we want to give a big thumbs up to her velvet style. The color, hairdo, bag, and shoes – this lady is the real deal in the modeling industry. Though it can be too hot for velvet pieces in LA, the big question is ‘Can the weather stop us from wearing our favorite clothes ?’ We don’t know about you, but for us, the answer is ‘NO’!  We love seeing people embrace their fashion items, even though they may not suitable for the temperature. Is a faux fur biker jacket only made for Autumn or Winter? Nope, we don’t think so.


Photo Courtesy here 

Apart from the usual velvet dress or skirt, velvet outerwear choices are quite popular on the red carpet too. 28 year-old singer and actress, Rihanna slayed perfectly in this outfit (#bodygoal). If only we had confidence like RIRI!  We would definitely be bold enough to wear a black velvet blazer with mini short shorts.  Since we’re not Rihanna,  we’ll just match an over-sized jacket with short jeans or a pencil skirt, maybe…?


Photo Courtesy here

Would you wear it like Beyonce? Bright and colorful from head-to-toe.  She looks amazing doesn’t she?! Wearing velvet pants in the summertime is like an all-in-one calorie burner/fashionista (like we said weather or clothes?!).


Photo Courtesy here

This cool preppy look from Brittany Snow is one of our favorite velvet celebrity styles too. We love how she wore the black velvet blazer with a white top and shorts. Matched with ankle boots and an uber cool chic tomboy hairstyle…wow!

What about you? How would you mix and match velvet pieces?

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