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Coachella at The Deco Haus


Alright guys, the moment we were waiting for is over! Coachella 2016 has officially begun, and we just can’t wait to see what A-list celebrities, YouTubers, and fashion bloggers are wearing this year. We are totally envious of those who are able to attend, because we can’t *cry*.    Nothing is more fashion-inspiring than music festivals!  It’s the time of the year when we can see all our “it” girls in person.  Still can’t find the perfect outfit for the festival? Here are some of our festival top picks inspired by Coachella in previous years.



Photo Courtesy here

Black is such a happy color, isn’t it? It wouldn’t feel right if we weren’t talking about these two sisters. Kylie is getting busy with her cosmetic line and Kendall is working on her modeling career.  When they show up together, ALL EYES ON THEM. Seriously, we are in love with Kendall’s style because of that lace jacket combined with bandeau and shorts.

Vintage Lace Tunic Dress is what we have to offer for those who want to look sexy, yet romantic among the crowd. The loose fit of the dress makes it comfortable for every occasion. You can also wear it with bandeau and shorts like Kendall too!



Photo Courtesy here



Photo Courtesy here

The ultimate squad goal is here everyone. With beautiful faces and gorgeous long legs…who wouldn’t love the VS girls!? We watch the show every year and just can’t get enough of them, actually. Especially  Selena Gomez last year! Can we talk about Jourdan’s hair here? That green ombre goes so well with her all-black outfit.


**EXCLUSIVE**  Vanessa Hudgens enjoys the Coachella music festival with her boyfriend Austin Butler while carrying a giant yellow flower

Photo Courtesy here

Bohemian princess Vanessa Hudgens looks fierce and fine in this pure white look! Her wavy hair elevates the style to be more chic, plus she adds retro sensation with her rounded-sunglasses. Can you spot her henna? We love it! Though, The Deco Haus doesn’t offer shorts like Vanessa, we do have the 1930’s Bohemian Artist Dress to offer!


What would you wear to Coachella this year!?


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