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Pretty Little Liars – Vintage Edition Inspired


How does Spencer look in this vintage style? She is definitely a charming ‘liar’, isn’t she? Are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars? We are!  It’s been many years since the very first episode back in 2012. Since then, the plot has been twisting and turning.  We still don’t know what will happen since A was arrested in the previous season. Yet, the same old mysterious texts keep occurring!  We love the show so much we came up with the idea of this blog entry in order to match with the theme of The Deco Haus. If you missed the classic black and white Liars episode, don’t worry. We’ve got that covered for y’all!


Alison Dilaurentis is probably one of our most favorite liars. Blond hair, barbie doll eyes, and natural plump lips…she is absolutely reminiscent of the 1920s Hollywood actress! In fact, that shoulder wrap beautifully represents the luxurious vintage style. Remember our previous ‘capelet’ post?  We also have something similar, in terms of a shoulder accessory.


The Harlow Capelet- Soiree is a delicately handcrafted garment on black mesh with pewter beading. Its lighter weight allows the wearer to mix and match with any type of garment.



Actually we have to give 5 stars to the stylist of this show. We love the silk dress Spencer is wearing here. Though, we can’t see it up close (wish we could zoom in on the TV!), we love how the fabric on the cuffs contrasts with the smooth touch of the silk.


Eyebrows on fleek! Can we just swap hers with ours!? Speaking of vintage fashion, look at that earring detail. Doesn’t it look similar to one of our antique necklaces-Vintage Blue Ivory Cameo ? A true signature of vintage.


Whose style do you like the most?



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