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On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink


Have you ever watched Mean Girls? With a 90’s vibe, it celebrates high school girls who are genuinely having fun with their youth. From the film, we love the concept of “on Wednesday, we wear pink”.   Pink is a girly-girl color, which is worn every day by girls all over the planet. We wear pink dresses for date nights and pink skirts like our favoriteVogue editors. The question is ‘is this post going to be inspired by teenage pink? Absolutely not! Instead, we are inspired by celebrities with their gorgeous pink selections for the red carpet. Curious how to flaunt it like Miranda Kerr? You may not want to miss this!


Photo Courtesy here

Fashion never goes wrong with this Victoria Secret’s model…not even once! Her fashion taste is beyond the word ‘stunning’ This fuchsia pink outfit suits her look with nude heels and rosy cheeks. As a mother of one, she may not want to expose her curves as much as she used to. However, we think that this look shows her curves as a professional mom in the fashion industry.


Photo Courtesy here

Can we also talk about this vibrant pink blazer Victoria Beckham’s wearing!? As a mother of the 3 cutest sons (and one little angel) the former Spice Girl has never let her guard down in terms of fashion. Though it is rare to see her in front of the camera with colorful choices nowadays, we are still madly in love with this look.  Love that chic hairdo too.  We think she is one of the classiest models and designers ever!


Photo Courtesy here

Here’s talented actress Emma Stone looking incredible in this preppy pink! Who doesn’t love her acting prowess? She’s such a funny person too. Have you watched her lip sync battle? It was crazy.

Here are some other pink looks by Hollywood stars.

Rihanna in Hot Pink Hi-Low Dress

Photo Courtesy here


Photo Courtesy here


Photo Courtesy here

Do you like wearing pink?

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