Why We Love Our Community On Instagram


Instagram is one of the social platforms where you can reach us 24/7. In fact, we love our vintage-luxe community!  We can share our passion for Hollywood design while receiving amazing support from our beloved customers and followers.  We’re so lucky to live in the modern era where styles are so varied.  We can wear an extravagant gown for a gala dinner or a casual minimalist outfit for the workday. Regarding modern fashion, anything is possible!?  Yet, we still cherish the classic fashion of the 1920’s, and especially love the luxury of the Jazz Age. Given the interest, we at The Deco Haus have had to come up with a lot of content for our Instagram!  Not only products, but a lot of BTS (behind the scenes) with beautiful models as well.


We’re proud to present our luxury designs to the online world because many people believe that the Gatsby look can only be found on the silver screen.  The look traditionally has only been found at costume parties or Halloween! However, for us the look can be applied to our daily life.  Not that it’s wearable to the supermarket, but a 1920’s inspired look can be elevated and adapted to occasions such as birthday parties, luncheons, or even weddings.  Our bohemian dresses can even be worn as everyday wear during the spring and summer.


In fact, if you follow our blog, we’ve written several articles regarding how to mix and match vintage pieces with modern styles such as urban street grunge. We include images for inspiration that you can’t find anywhere else too! For example, please check out our bridal photo shoot.  We are really pleased with the result… the models looked amazing in our collection.



Want to be a part of our journey, why not follow us on @thedecohausLet us take you inside our vintage world!



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