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Deco Haus Icons – Madonna


Though we were a little shocked by her surprising costume for the Met Gala 2016, the queen will always be the queen. She was born a star…as proven by her ageless beauty and superstar success since the 1980s. Despite criticism regarding her age, fashion, and musical taste in her latest video ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’, we get it. Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc…. so many young, fresh rising stars have been emerging in the spotlight over the years (in fact, we don’t even know all of them!)  A superstar like Madonna has to do something in order to spark new interest, right?


Photo Courtesy here

Who doesn’t know Madonna?  Ask any 15 year-old teenage girl from the mid-80’s.  Madonna’s free spirit made everyone fall in love with her from the very beginning. She has always freely expressed her creativity with no boundaries.  She’s unlike any other artist. Not only an icon of the music industry, she has also been a fashion icon for many decades. Remember her turbans, necklaces , and thin plastic bangles (also known as jelly bracelets)!  They all became wardrobe staples during the 80s. Her fashion mirrored the times, as the mainstream of music started to shift from pop to punk.


Photo Courtesy here


Photo Courtesy here

How would you describe Madonna in this classic photo? Punk? Rebel? She is every type of fashion fused into one. Nowadays, fashion can be categorized into several styles. Some call themselves a Brit punk like Vivienne Westwood…some may categorize a black lipstick look as grunge. Madonna differentiated herself with all these looks, even before some of these common fashion terms were used!  She was truly a trailblazer.


Photo Courtesy here

Ripped jeans, denim jacket, metallic belt…looking totally different from the usual red carpet look, right? She combined beautiful pearl necklaces with a tomboy look, which was downright cool!


Photo Courtesy here

Age really doesn’t matter, because Madonna is just getting better and better! We’ve seen her go from the 1980s to the Millenium, and beyond.  Nothing can stop her from being an inspiration to not only her fans, but to all other pop stars as well!

Do you absolutely love Madonna?


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