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1920s Theme Party Decor


Remember our previous article,  The Great Gatsby Home Decor? This time we’re shifting from prestigious interior design to a funky party theme! Imagine if you had to host the ultimate 1920s themed party next week, but have no idea how to impress your guests. No worries!  It’s actually so simple that anyone can become a Jazz Age star for a night. Believe it or not, you can easily achieve a party with Great Gatsby flavor with a limited budget in your hands (yesssssssss!) No need to spend $$$$ on one night of glamour and subsequently throw everything away the next day. Here are two top must have items you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Pearls


Photo Courtesy here

Pearls are not just an accessory.  They can be the most beautiful component of your party. We do love wearing pearl necklaces such as our Long Pearl Rope Necklace, however, it’s a great idea to use them for a 1920s party too! If you’re afraid that someone might steal your beloved high-value necklaces, then why not purchase inexpensive substitutes from online platforms such as Ebay orAmazon? There are countless options for pearls depending on the purpose.


Photo Courtesy here


Photo Courtesy here

2. Feathers


Photo Courtesy here

It doesn’t need to be as posh as the picture above, because feathers can be found in almost every thrift shop (thrift shops do have everything!) When you’re looking for specialty items such as funny balloons (or colorful feather pieces) they’re sold almost everywhere both offline and online too. Simply incorporate them with pearl necklaces and the room will look incredibly luxurious in style!


Photo Courtesy here

Do you have any suggestions?


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